Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Goodbye Madison

Today was our last full day living in Madison. It seems that everyone else has already left. Just stragglers still here. I want to get going as soon as possible. Mainly because I know this will not be easy on Lindsey and the kids, especially Juliette. Like taking off a plaster it's better to do it quickly so we can get going on the next stage of our lives. The sooner we get into the new apartment, the sooner we can get settled and everybody into activities making new friends.


DK & The Fluffies said...

Safe travels!

carrie_lofty said...


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the new job! I live near Madison and I have toyed with the notion of taking the MBA program you followed. Nice to get some very specific information from your blog.

Which class at UW Madison would you suggest I audit to help me understand whether Marketing Research Analysis is my thing?

I am a librarian who has done a lot of successful marketing and promotions on a skeletal budget, so my knowledge of marketing is very "in the trenches".

Carol G